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By Michelle Corry, guest blogger

Owner, five-fifty-five and Petite Jacqueline

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On June 1, five fifty-five and Petite Jacqueline will join 18 other Maine restaurants in a ten-day promotion of an underutilized Gulf of Maine seafood species.  The effort, known as Out of the Blue, is being coordinated by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and seeks to raise consumers’ awareness of lesser-known, locally harvested seafood.  Over the past year, GMRI has worked with chefs and fishermen to identify particular species from the Gulf of Maine that are underutilized or under-appreciated.  As a result, GMRI will be coordinating different Out of the Blue promotional weeks for each of the species.

The first species being promoted is redfish, also known as ocean perch.  Redfish was chosen because it is a well-managed and abundant fish, but fishermen only harvest about 30% of what they are allowed to take at a sustainable level.  While redfish can be found in restaurants and markets from time to time, it is not as well known as other Gulf of Maine seafood.  As part of Out of the Blue, five-fifty-five and Petite Jacqueline have committed to serving redfish from June 1 to June 10.  One dish at five-fifty-five will be “one fish, two fish, redfish, blue fish,” a tantalizing combination of dill-smoked New England bluefish, redfish mousseline, crispy red skin cracker, shaved celery salad, and just-charred lemon. Petite Jacqueline will serve up “redfish meuniere” with lemon-beurre blanc, green beans, and capers.

We are excited to participate in the program and feel it is an excellent way to support the local fishing industry, while also providing our guests with another delicious and healthy seafood option.  We are looking forward to this week’s promotion and other upcoming Out of the Blue promotions.

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